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Infants & Toddlers

We provide a loving and nurturing atmosphere for our infants and toddlers. We welcome and encourage your visits anytime. In our infant and toddler room our emphasis is on the individual needs of each child. We provide the utmost security, love, and nurturing for the little ones in our care. Planned activities provide ample opportunities for exploration of a stimulating and safe environment. Materials are selected to provide a variety of natural learning experiences for your child through manipulation and sensory awareness. Language development is emphasized with planned and spontaneous opportunities for communication between the staff and the children.

The Infant Program

Our program for infants sets its pace around the needs and unique differences of each child. Our younger infants have a “primary” caregiver who centers her day around the schedules of those for whom she cares. This care, while meeting basic needs for food, diapering and adequate rest, goes beyond that. This keen observer plans and enhances the interactions and activities the infant’s behavior is identifying.

Routines are the curriculum for an infant’s day. Every moment of a young child’s cay offers opportunities for learning. Our skilled educators catch these moments and help each baby establish trust, discover, and feel good about herself, tackle a motor task, realize the power of language, and begin to understand this strange new world from many angles. This is accomplished as each teacher keys into the verbal and nonverbal messages the child is sent

Infants need to view the world from many angles, and are allowed that experience. This includes crawling, being carried, stroller rides, outdoor play, climbing, and rocking so that various perspectives are gained. Diaper changing, feeding, and other routines are viewed as vital times for communication, self discovery, and socializing. They are encouraged to master feeding themselves despite the messiness that accompanies this activity. While being supportive of infants in their quest for competence, our teachers look to the parents as the best resource in working with their children.


Record of Daily Acitivities

The center keeps a written record of each child’s activities during the day in each of the following areas:

  • the amount of food the child has eaten
  • the amount of time the child has slept
  • diaper changing and any irregularities in the child’s bowel movement
  • any changes in behavior that may be of concern

To prevent the spread of illness, all toys in the infant & toddler room are disinfected after each use. In an effort to keep the room sterile we require parents and visitors to take their shoes off or use the shoe covers we provide before entering the room.